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missionMy name is Lazar. I was born into a Hindu family that found the way of salvation revealed in Lord Jesus. My father was a revered man in his clan, well-versed in Hindu scriptures and a renowned physician who labored for people’s well-being. After intense search for God, he found Jesus to be the One who can redeem mankind from sin, curse and death. After recognizing the eternal truth revealed in Jesus, he renounced all his Hindu beliefs and traditions. He embraced the Christian faith and became a believer. I was a special child to him and attracted lot of attention. At an early age he instructed me to live a morally sound and successful life. He said, ‘My son, God is One; He is Lord Jesus Christ and Him only you should worship. He also encouraged me to read world religious texts and search for the truth.

Eventually I began searching for God and immersed myself in studying various world religious texts. I always thought of attaining a pious life that God would expect from His people. Once when I was reading the Gospel of John, I was immensely touched and illumined by the words of Jesus, where he says, ‘”Which one of you convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? (John 8: 46). Immediately a great change took place in my innermost being. In these magnificent words of Jesus I saw the uniqueness of Jesus among other gods, moral teachers, and spiritualists popular in world history. I was greatly convinced of Jesus’ peculiar declaration. This prompted me to commit my whole life to Jesus and accept Him as my personal Savior and Lord. Later I got baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I became a devoted Christian.

Worshipping the Lord in truth and spirit became my top priority. My spiritual life began to mature. To learn more about the faith I frequently visited churches and participated in ministerial activities. I devoted my life to long prayers, meditations and fasting. Even I was engaged in evangelical outreach. God worked through me to bring many people to Christ. In the midst of such spiritual endeavors, I saw a major disunity, splits, doctrinal disputes, and various other faith related issues within churches of various denominations and sects. This made me to search for the early church and the biblical foundation that Christ gave to the early apostles for the movement called church that sprang on the day of Pentecost.

I saw the Christian church pure as envisioned by Christ missing and each denomination claiming that they’re the true Church of Christ. The fall of the early church and departure of apostles left a huge void in the history of Christianity. The foundational doctrines of the New Testament church and apostolic ministry was found nowhere. Except for the propagation and preservation of the gospel, no one was authorized by Christ as an apostle or to build the church since the end of the apostolic era. Battle for leadership, altering God’s word, denominational biases, and frequent changing of doctrinal statements made me to ponder a lot – a sorry state of spiritual collapse. I came to understand that, without a church pure, salvation will remain incomplete. Then I began to ask the Lord to build His church true anew in this world. Coming to know about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I prayed for 9 months to experience this anointment. The Lord replied my fervent prayers and baptized me with His Holy Spirit, power, and gifts of prophecy and filled me with His abundant grace. On the very same day the Lord spoke to me saying, ‘son, build My church’. I understood the importance of God’s granting of such great mission into my hands. Being unsure of its practical implications in the long run I pleaded the Lord to accomplish such enormous mission through the hands of other leading great men of God. But the Lord instructed me clearly and said, ‘I have chosen you to build My church’. You shall name it ‘NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH’. I asked, ‘Lord, isn’t New Jerusalem, the heavenly City going to descend on a new earth (Rev. 21: 2); and how can I use this name for a contemporary church?’ The Lord replied, ‘whatever you build on earth, will be built in heaven; New Jerusalem will be built on earth and become perfect. The same will descend on new earth as the city of New Jerusalem. The Lord said, ‘Build My church’ and I will bring efficient people to come and help you complete this task and I will fulfill My promise.

Finally I committed myself to this divine command with a covenant promising, ‘oh Lord, I shall do according o your word’. Then one day, the Lord appeared to me saying, ‘my son, I give you the commandments and the authorities which I gave to the early apostles. The seven doctrines are seven authorities (Acts 1: 1 – 3) and thereafter handed over to me the seven foundational doctrines of the church. As I was commissioned to carry out Christ’s mission of the Church, put all my efforts to move forward to minister establishing churches all over India. In obedience to the Lord’s command, I founded New Jerusalem Church on August 8, 1968 at Kurla, Bombay (now called Mumbai). Invitation with a declaration was sent to all. ‘This is New Jerusalem Church. I am founding it in accordance with the commandment of the Lord. The Lord’s church will reach the end of the world so that the truths of the Bible as revealed by God will come into effect according to the authority vouchsafed to me’. God has now reestablished His church as New Jerusalem and begun to work similar to the apostolic mission of the first two centuries of the Christian year. Assured of the great vision received from the Lord, I would place before you the fact that the gospel as preached by me is not after the thoughts of men, nor did I learn it from any men. But Jesus Christ revealed it to me (Gal. 1: 11, 12). I thank the Lord who has given me the strength and counting me faithful; choosing me for this ministry.

New Jerusalem is established to gather all scattered children of God and equip them for the Second Coming of Jesus. God has sent me to fulfill this purpose. God is making the church reach everywhere. Scores of branches are being planted and established throughout India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, God’s kingdom is extended in India and other nations. We have branches in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Sharjah and London. Oure representatives are ministering in the US and Canada. All chosen saints of God are flocking to His church. People are edified, sustained and spiritually nourished. A remnant pure is getting prepared for the Lord’s advent.

We’re celebrating God’s amazing grace and spiritual prosperity that the Church has been blessed with for the last 45 years as one body united in Christ. It’s God’s wonderful miracle. Come let us all celebrate God’s immense blessings and thank Him for His great wonders He is accomplishing by confirming His good promises.

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