New Jerusalem Church was founded on Aug 08, 1968 in the city of Mumbai, India and has enjoyed a steady growth spreading to different parts in India and other parts of the world. Thanks to our members and well-wishers. Our goal is to propagate the early Christian faith as enumerated in the NT taught by Jesus and His apostles. People seeking for God and truth has been immensely blessed and guided to make their spiritual journey a success and we thank God for the opportunity to serve others in this capacity. In addition, our Church ministry provides fellowship to many other people who live far from New Jerusalem Church active congregation.

Founded in 1968 by N. Lazar, Founder-President and Pastor-in-Chief, the vision of NJC is fourfold:

Five-fold ministry: Divinely appointed and grace-filled chosen ones are anointed to hold the office of the presbytery composed of Apostle, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers. (Eph. 4: 7 11)

Evangelism: To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus (Mt. 28: 18 20). And to prophesy to all the nations concerning Gods kingdom (Rev. 10: 11)

Church Planting: Establishing and planting new churches in urban and rural areas in India and other countries.

Bible Studies
Faith in Workplace
Blaze for God (Youth)
Marriage Harmony (Family)
Men/Women of Purity
Parent Wing

Equipping the believers into full disciples to follow Jesus and keep all that He has commanded as witnesses.