Social Welfare

We are: “Doing God’s mission in God’s Way” in truth, honesty, compassion & justice. Micah 6:8

Mission Statement:

New Jerusalem will work towards uplifting under privileged people in bringing them to equitable state within the society. Assisting and making them to be responsible bread earners within the families. Ensuring a Theo-centric approach in providing, when in need for their safety and sustenance within the community.

Vision Statement:

To enable an ethical and equality in the social community, committed to enabling individuals in living a life of respect and dignity. Changing the lives of the downtrodden and lost through compassion ministry.

Here to Serve:

a. Spiritual and Social Development
For more than 45 years, New Jerusalem has been working across villages, towns and cities in India in bringing together broken families, making God fearing and able citizens as bread earners, responsible in setting examples for others within their community to live godly lives thus promoting towards social development. Changing the lives of the downtrodden and lost through compassion ministry.

b. Spiritual and Secular Colleges and Universities
New Jerusalem is committed to establish a highest standard of spiritual and secular educational entities. This would help achieve global standards in educational, technical and biblical studies across by setting up colleges and universities across India and aboard.

c. Education and Health
The organization’s has been continuously working to provide education for children’s of poor families, to ensure future of the children are not lost. Contributions made by New Jerusalem are provided to pay for tuition fees, uniforms, books. Over the years, New Jerusalem has been helping people meet their medical expenses towards surgeries and medicines. This has helped many people to continue living their lives and help their families.

d. Humanitarian Aid
In times of crisis or loss of dear ones, the organization has taken the responsibility of meeting with the dear families, extending financial assistance, help the family continue by providing vocational training assistance and provide for their children’s education help the families stand up through difficult times.

e. Orphanage and Old Aged Home
The organization has built four orphanages across India where in it has orphaned children and children of poor villagers in around the orphanages. They have a residential center where they are provided for their food, clothing and shelter. A day care center takes care of children of poor villagers in providing for three time meal, fees and clothing assistance. A project plan has been initiated that would house a International School, a Hospital, Residential unit with a multipurpose hall and recreation Meditation center, Boys and Girls Hostels. This project would be commencing shortly in Nanguneri, Tamil Nadu . Similar projects would be setup in New Jerusalem regional centers.

f. Social Entrepreneurship (water and energy, environment, organic farming, knowledge sharing)
New Jerusalem has a plan providing individuals with financial assistance to setup farming as a livelihood; imparting systematic training sessions for youth and elders to develop as able citizens in earning their livelihood and being responsible within their family and society.

g. Solar and windmill energy
New Jerusalem’s committed towards driving green technology and environment friendliness. Establishing and using environment friendly alternative energy sources across its campus.

h. Research (HIV, AIDS and Cancer)
Plans are underway to setup a research center to tackle critical health related diseases that take a toll on human lives, to advance medical diagnostics and find solutions to increasing health related issues.

i. Housing projects
The organization has helped in sheltering the needy, provided financial assistance to many families in helping them build their homes. Individual housing projects were also undertaken on need basis across towns and villages in India.

Building towards a secure future…

This project would be commencing shortly in Nangeneri, Tamil Nadu . Similar projects would be setup in New Jerusalem regional centers and throughout India.

Registered/Head Office:
New Jerusalem Church
Church Lane, Tilak Nagar, Darga Cross Road, Bhandup (West),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. – 400 078

General Counsel:
Pastor. Philip Lazar

Office No: +91 (0)22 2596 5515, +91 (0)22 2596 3213
Fax : +91 (0)22 2596 1993

Pastor. Philip Lazar

New Jerusalem Church is a NGO duly registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Registered No. F-4434(B).
We have 80G exemption certificate and FCRA certificate to receive foreign funds.